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Project FBG is a go! Step 1

I had a great idea at work today, I Love programming and making games/websites all sorts of things on a computer.

My partner Loves FB Games, so who better to help me make one than her, hopefully she will be a tough critic and will help make this game successful.

I found some tutorials online, but at I found a roadmap that seems good.

  1. Learn flash, I recommend Kongregates Shootorial, start at step 0.

Wish me good luck ;D


ASIMO 2011


Asimo (Photo credit: tiseb)

I haven’t seen any ASIMO videos from Honda in a long time and it shows how much he’s evolved!

ASIMO for anyone who doesn’t know is this…


An A.I. robot built by Honda that has been designed to replicate a human child but can do tasks that adults do, like (welcome visitors, running, walking, kicking a ball, sign language, voice recognition).

Here’s a YouTube video I found of his new features from 2011.