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My First Fully Functional Flash Game

I just finished a OOP tutorial for Flash and made my own Ikaruga Clone!

It took me one and a half hours of coding and lots of patience! LOL

I’m happy with how it turned out and might add some more features like boss’s, splash screen and weapon upgrades and more!

Play it here!

(click play full screen)

Follow my progress on making Flash Games at


Project FBG now at

Project FBG is now being updated on my progress at

I added Flash Game Dojo to my roadmap to getting a Facebook Game up and running.

The shootorial didn’t cut it so im going to use FlashPunk to make a game and put it on Kongregate.

Then continue with the already set out roadmap. Might Add Changes still 😉

I’m going to be posting regularly on my learning progress with snippets of code that I have written and what I learnt with that snippet in such a way that people can read it and sort-of learn from my progress but not boring!

Learn Flash Gaming the Fun Way! Shootorial – Kongregate


Kongregate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kongregate has designed a lovely entry into flash gaming even though it has some problems in parts explaining what to do I LOVED IT!

It was fresh and had a flair to the graphics that I quite enjoyed. I did this for my FBG Project its step 1 in my roadmap to making a Farmville-a-like Facebook Game. There are 8 shootorials and are available in both CS3 and CS4 (Action Script 2 and 3), which is helpful for people who have the updated flash and the old one…

I think these need a bit of work to polish them up but havn’t found anything better yet?!


It took me around 3 hours to complete and I now have a basic to semi-advanced knowledge of flash and the inner working of the Action Script that goes into making a game.

Somehow I think making a Facebook Social game will be much much more challenging and will contain 10,000 if not 100,000 lines of coding to make work.

Project FBG is a go! Step 1

I had a great idea at work today, I Love programming and making games/websites all sorts of things on a computer.

My partner Loves FB Games, so who better to help me make one than her, hopefully she will be a tough critic and will help make this game successful.

I found some tutorials online, but at I found a roadmap that seems good.

  1. Learn flash, I recommend Kongregates Shootorial, start at step 0.

Wish me good luck ;D