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My First Fully Functional Flash Game

I just finished a OOP tutorial for Flash and made my own Ikaruga Clone!

It took me one and a half hours of coding and lots of patience! LOL

I’m happy with how it turned out and might add some more features like boss’s, splash screen and weapon upgrades and more!

Play it here!

(click play full screen)

Follow my progress on making Flash Games at


Don’t You Hate It When…

Don’t You Hate It When…you go to do something and totally stuff it up,

This is going to be the place where all those stuff ups can be posted for the world to see.

Don’t You Hate It When…

  you get in your car with no keys.

     you go to shower lock the door and get undressed and notice there’s no towel.

     are driving and forget where your going.

I thought people would get a chuckle from looking at people’s mistakes and make them think that they aren’t so bad because they don’t do any of those, and also for people who do the stuff they see here that they aren’t alone and nobody is perfect. +Stay Positive+

Project FBG is a go! Step 1

I had a great idea at work today, I Love programming and making games/websites all sorts of things on a computer.

My partner Loves FB Games, so who better to help me make one than her, hopefully she will be a tough critic and will help make this game successful.

I found some tutorials online, but at I found a roadmap that seems good.

  1. Learn flash, I recommend Kongregates Shootorial, start at step 0.

Wish me good luck ;D

48 Chambers Sale!

48 Chambers Trailer video

48 Chambers the 2D sidescroller has gone on sale for $1.49 on Desura. It also has been updated with fixes and such.

It’s available on Xbox Live, PC and Mac.

Here’s the trailer.
48 Chambers Trailer – Desura