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Learn Flash Gaming the Fun Way! Shootorial – Kongregate


Kongregate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kongregate has designed a lovely entry into flash gaming even though it has some problems in parts explaining what to do I LOVED IT!

It was fresh and had a flair to the graphics that I quite enjoyed. I did this for my FBG Project its step 1 in my roadmap to making a Farmville-a-like Facebook Game. There are 8 shootorials and are available in both CS3 and CS4 (Action Script 2 and 3), which is helpful for people who have the updated flash and the old one…

I think these need a bit of work to polish them up but havn’t found anything better yet?!


It took me around 3 hours to complete and I now have a basic to semi-advanced knowledge of flash and the inner working of the Action Script that goes into making a game.

Somehow I think making a Facebook Social game will be much much more challenging and will contain 10,000 if not 100,000 lines of coding to make work.