(Previously Project FBG)

Going to blog on my progress here from now on.

I had a great idea at work today, I Love programming and making games/websites all sorts of things on a computer.

My partner Loves FB Games, so who better to help me make one than her, hopefully she will be a tough critic and will help make this game successful.

I’ve started on FlashPunk, but moved to Unity3D and have started development of the Alpha, which I have no idea when will be available but for updates go the the links below.

  1. relevantgaming

    Good luck! You’re right, it is a tough road. But how cool would it be to make games for a “job”!!! For the database, I suggest you compare relational databases to document databases. I really have no idea what’s best for social/flash game, but it would definitely be in your interest to check it out. If you need to learn a new technology, might as well make sure you’re learning the best one for the job!

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