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Started again in FFXIV

I once again started again in FFXIV, because I lost my Authenticator! OOPS

I’m in the Sargatanas server and my character name is Panda Patrol.

I’m in the Panda Inc. LS which we just started but we already have 30 members! We are quickly growing too!

The LS

My Character




I hit lv 10 on Archer, Thautamage and Pugulist.

Did some first quests and beginner stuff.

Did I mention I have 200k gil đŸ˜› hehe


Pretty good start if you ask me.


48 Chambers Sale!

48 Chambers Trailer video

48 Chambers the 2D sidescroller has gone on sale for $1.49 on Desura. It also has been updated with fixes and such.

It’s available on Xbox Live, PC and Mac.

Here’s the trailer.
48 Chambers Trailer – Desura