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Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 30

Name Decided!

Big News!!! Project FBG   is now Parkania!!!

The name has been decided woop woop! Big Thank You to Thunderent from the Unity Forums for the name.

Now progress is still slow, as i’m still modeling in maya with the tutorials and even that is slow going. But I will persist! I’ve taken a piccy for your viewing pleasure, I’ve added flaps and the engine back, by the end of tonight I should have the engine pipes, front turbine and maybe the front wind cutter thingo.

I might do a bit-o-coding tonight too, try and add time/date GUI, fix save and something else that’s a secret.

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100 Views and 60 Views!

Today Niverse Studios hit a record of 106 Views, and Project FBG hit 68 views!

I would like to thank everyone for their continuing support and thank you everyone who liked posts and followed my blogs 😀


To Celebrate I’m going to reveal a secret, and at 500 views I will reveal another, and 1000 and so on.

The Secret is….


I know it’s not much but they will get better as the views get higher I promise.


Best Ways To Start in Game Development

Game development is a very hard but rewarding task, and when you hit the end  and finally release a game it’s oh so worth it!

When starting on game development you first need to figure out the why?, what this means is figure out not just why are you doing this but also what is going to drive you to finish a game which normally takes anywhere from 1 month to a year depending on the style, team size, game engine, and other factors called life. If you are going into game development to make money or get famous this is not a good why. You need something like “I want to make the first 3D Facebook game” or simply “I want to make games because I enjoy playing them.” Once you have established your why and it is good you need to work out what type of game you want to make.

  • Facebook (Flash)
  • 3D (Unity, Unreal, Panda3D, OGRE3D)
  • 2D (Flashpunk, Flash, Flixel, GameMaker, Construct2)

1 – Flash

Flash is a nice one to start with but has a very big learning curve, it has medium coding and alot of drag and drop with the animation side. Coding is similar to C# but if your a complete beginner I wouldn’t recommend this yet.

2 – Unity3D

Unity is a good entry into game development, known as the alternative to the Unreal Engine has medium coding, and has a high amount of designing with the in-game editor. Coding is in C#, Java, or Boo(weird one), so you have a good choice. Also there are prebuilt parts called prefabs so if you spend money on them can make a game with no coding at all! Unity succeeds where Unreal fails, with a great vibrant community with tons of tutorials everywhere!

3 – FlashPunk

FlashPunk is an excellent way to get started in 2D flash games. Coding is High, and there’s no real interface. Yep none you don’t see the game till you hit play, this is a programmers heaven but not for a person who likes to drag and drop stuff. They do have a great community and have alot of tutorials updated quite alot but not as much as Unity, or GameMaker.

4 – Unreal

The Unreal is superior for its graphics features more so than Unity, but it suffers on the community side of things, and coding is medium with help from the Matinee Editor, which is like a flow chart type of editor. Not really good for entry into game development unless you want to try and follow in the footsteps of greats like Gear of War, Borderlands etc.

5 – Construct 2

This was a toss up between GameMaker or Construct2, butConstruct2 has something GameMaker doesn’t. Facebook intergration! Construct 2 by Scirra is HTML5 based drag and drop 2D game maker, very similar layout to flash and a bit to Unity. Very good for beginners and highly recomended for people who don’t want to code just yet but want to have some fun making an idea into a game.


Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 24

New Design!

Rarely do I post on the weekends but here’s a special, I have changed the Logo and Background of the website, to better suit my new direction of this project. Was thinking of names today and thought up some.

  • Park World
  • Theme Park Creator
  • AmusePark
  • Park Sim
  • And Some More, I need to think of

That’s all lol.

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GitHub was hard to setup 😦


Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 20

A Milestone!

Over the weekend I started on Development, and I mean DEVELOPMENT! I have built the camera and the land part of the game, I used parts of a 3rd person controller script and a camera script together from some examples on Unity3d’s Resources page on their website, to make a Orbit Camera that acts like a camera from most builder games. It feels like the monitor acts in Halo 3/Reach Forge Mode if you have ever play’d or used that part of Bungie’s game.I’ve also added an archway but that’s just temp until I make a nice one. Also the outside of the plot will most likely change too, at the moment it’s just a filler to give you an idea of how it will look. I quite like the feel of this editor and will be adding buildings and…

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niverse studios created! Name change!!!

Today I have officially opened niverse studios!

What does this mean?

Well it means that niverse studios will be a company and I am starting recruitment for Game Developers soon!


Project FBG is now being built with Unity and I will be posting there daily, here  a bit less.

Alot will be changing in the next couple of weeks!


If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!


So Excited!


Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 17

Unity3D Development Begins!

Today I started another project and i’m going to put Baldie on HOLD! He will be back this i’m sure! But in the mean time i’m going to be switching to Unity. It has alot of the features that I needed and looks amazing! Now to show you exactly what i’m doing with Project FBG visually for the first time i’m going to show you!



As you can see there is a big difference between the 2, and yes I know ones flash, but so is Unity! They are trialing a new system that lets you play/publish Unity games to the web in Flash. To demo this feature I am going to link a DEMO of my games beginnings.

As you can see in the DEMO that you could easily build a Facebook-a-like game on that…

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I have started doing LIVE Streams

I have started doing LIVE Streams of games first it was just FFXIV, but now that me and my Friend have started on Diablo III I decided to kickoff my first time in the game with 2 hours of LIVE streaming! We finished ACT I!!! W00t!

Started again in FFXIV

I once again started again in FFXIV, because I lost my Authenticator! OOPS

I’m in the Sargatanas server and my character name is Panda Patrol.

I’m in the Panda Inc. LS which we just started but we already have 30 members! We are quickly growing too!

The LS

My Character




I hit lv 10 on Archer, Thautamage and Pugulist.

Did some first quests and beginner stuff.

Did I mention I have 200k gil 😛 hehe


Pretty good start if you ask me.

My Current Progress after 2 weeks.


Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 14

I finished coding the camera and made some sounds for Jumping, Death, and Menu/Gameplay, still gotta add my more sounds, maybe 😉

Didn’t really do much else except fixed the jump bug and made a whole new one :/

Made 2 levels and thats about it!

Play it here

Todo List to Finish Baldie

  • Learn Sprites from Tutorials – High
  • Draw Background – Medium
  • Think of Combat Actions – Low
  • Draw Enemies – High
  • Code Enemies – Medium
  • Code NewgroundsAPI – High
  • Publish – Easy! ^
  • Spread the Word – High
  • Updates? – YES!!!

If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!

For Flash Punk’s Tutorial goto


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