Best Ways To Start in Game Development

Game development is a very hard but rewarding task, and when you hit the end  and finally release a game it’s oh so worth it!

When starting on game development you first need to figure out the why?, what this means is figure out not just why are you doing this but also what is going to drive you to finish a game which normally takes anywhere from 1 month to a year depending on the style, team size, game engine, and other factors called life. If you are going into game development to make money or get famous this is not a good why. You need something like “I want to make the first 3D Facebook game” or simply “I want to make games because I enjoy playing them.” Once you have established your why and it is good you need to work out what type of game you want to make.

  • Facebook (Flash)
  • 3D (Unity, Unreal, Panda3D, OGRE3D)
  • 2D (Flashpunk, Flash, Flixel, GameMaker, Construct2)

1 – Flash

Flash is a nice one to start with but has a very big learning curve, it has medium coding and alot of drag and drop with the animation side. Coding is similar to C# but if your a complete beginner I wouldn’t recommend this yet.

2 – Unity3D

Unity is a good entry into game development, known as the alternative to the Unreal Engine has medium coding, and has a high amount of designing with the in-game editor. Coding is in C#, Java, or Boo(weird one), so you have a good choice. Also there are prebuilt parts called prefabs so if you spend money on them can make a game with no coding at all! Unity succeeds where Unreal fails, with a great vibrant community with tons of tutorials everywhere!

3 – FlashPunk

FlashPunk is an excellent way to get started in 2D flash games. Coding is High, and there’s no real interface. Yep none you don’t see the game till you hit play, this is a programmers heaven but not for a person who likes to drag and drop stuff. They do have a great community and have alot of tutorials updated quite alot but not as much as Unity, or GameMaker.

4 – Unreal

The Unreal is superior for its graphics features more so than Unity, but it suffers on the community side of things, and coding is medium with help from the Matinee Editor, which is like a flow chart type of editor. Not really good for entry into game development unless you want to try and follow in the footsteps of greats like Gear of War, Borderlands etc.

5 – Construct 2

This was a toss up between GameMaker or Construct2, butConstruct2 has something GameMaker doesn’t. Facebook intergration! Construct 2 by Scirra is HTML5 based drag and drop 2D game maker, very similar layout to flash and a bit to Unity. Very good for beginners and highly recomended for people who don’t want to code just yet but want to have some fun making an idea into a game.


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